every once in awhile. I have a thought. And well... being the declared fruit rather than a girl, that I am... I find it only appropriate to blog a few of those thoughts under the alias of a semi-obscure piece of fruit that of course, has become one of my ever-growing collection of nicknames.


Actions Will ALWAYS Will Always Come from a Bullhorn

Actions speak louder than words. Most of us have heard the cliche`... do most of us agree with it. As with any opinion, it all depends on the individual.

I personally agree ten fold. Why? Because I'm a liar. I'll lie to anyone that gives me half the chance. I'll lie to them twice a day and then some. It's become so easy. Lies roll up my throat like drunken vomit. Not smooth simple path, but easy enough that I know the drill. Most won't even know I've just lied through my teeth directly to their face. I'm good at it. I'm not GOOD at a lot of things. Mediocre at best actually. But I'm good, and sometimes downright fantastic at lieing. But I can't live one. So if I say something, it's fair to question. It's what I DO that anyone who cares should pay attention to, because that's the stuff that I mean.

Now what I unfairly do to the greater population is tack my personality flaw on to them and assume the world is lieing to me. The resolve is that if you truly mean something, then follow through it, show me your money is already where your mouth is.

The other thing, is even if I'm not telling an outright lie... I talk a good game. And I'll only walk so much of the talk. That's the signal for the people I NEED to surround myself with on a regular basis, the ones that see a straight shot through my bullshit and, as with most people, there's plenty of it. I'll know if you see through it. Chances are if you're communicating to me that you see through it, you don't... you're subject to it. I had a conversation yesterday evening, extremely late, that brought this all to light for me.

I'm still formulating, I might be adding to this. At any rate, feel free to provide your own elaboration if you so choose... via comments.

for those of you that communicate with me via myspace... I copied and pasted this to there too.



Sing...Sing a Song... Sing Out Loud

So at approximately 10 o'clock in the A.M. I decided it would be a good idea to do something I've always wondered about. Go through my mp3 collection, it's reasonably small since the last format of my computer (272 files.) and match things up. By this I mean that I realized a long time ago that mass amounts of the music I listen to I never would if it weren't for a lot of people who introduced me to it, on the other hand I came to find a lot on my own as well. So I was curious as to exactly what percentages these things worked out to. And well I probably fucked up the tallys or the math somewhere but I did it.

I used the following method. As I came across music that someone specific reccommended and introduced to me, I included their name on the list, along with a tally mark, and then continued to tally as I found more.

If I came across a band that solely one person had caused me to be interested in and I went hog wild on the downloading (this happens quite frequently) then I tallied every song by that artist to that person. Unless of course, a particular song in question was reccommended specifically by another. For example, my friend Sarah is the one who more or less induced my downloading of Green Day tracks in general, however this specific morning conversing with Jesse brought the suggestion of me downloading Wake Me Up When September Ends. Hence most green day goes to Sarah except that song of course, goes under Jesse. If you for some strange reason do care enough about these results to question them, feel free, or if you're just curious what might artists might be (or maybe not be) credited to you introducing to them that would cause you to be higher or lower on the list. Feel free to inquire on AIM or via comments. Either way... here's the results. Alphabetical order. It was just simple. Keep in mind this is based solely on my mp3 collection. This does not include my full spectrum of musical taste because then we'd have to include about 50 more people. (Yes, I know, I was THAT bored) and just a passing thought : "Oh and I would bet most of people on the list have little to no realization of what exactly caused them to make the list."

Angel - 4.41%

Brian - 12.13%

Christian - 22.06%

Emily - 3.31%

Jesse - 8.83%

Joyce - 1.11%

Keely (that's me for those who do forget I've got a non-fruitified name that my parents gave me)
- 36.76%

Paul - 2.57%

Samuel - 2.21%

Sarah - 2.21%

Trace - 1.11%

others who were on the list with a percentage lower than 1% (which means that you were credited with less than three [1 or 2] tracks.) *also in alphabetical order.

Adam S.
(the) Spitting Llamas (local band some friends were in that is now long gone)

In other news : I need a job. a fall hobby. or just some semblance of a life in general.
WARNING : This is not something you should ever allow yourself to be bored enough to sit down and figure out this kind of irrelevant detailia about your life. Trust me on this one... there are greater things out there. I feel sad for not jogging two miles instead of doing this. Okay, that's a lie, but you get the idea.

-- Kumquat (aka Keely, Kiwarg, Keelz, Kiwig, Kiwi, Kummy, Kamikaze, Skip, Bean, Keela-bird, and Kelly) -- yeah, I'm sure I forgot one somewhere in there.