every once in awhile. I have a thought. And well... being the declared fruit rather than a girl, that I am... I find it only appropriate to blog a few of those thoughts under the alias of a semi-obscure piece of fruit that of course, has become one of my ever-growing collection of nicknames.


And it Burns, Burns, Burns....

Love is friendship set on fire. That's one this image I ran across on my computer today. I like the way that sounds. I really do. And I feel like it's right.

So my lack of posting... I must say deals with these thoughts. The entire concept of blogging became temporarily defunct for me. I started reading other people's blogs and wondered, who in the hell does this? Who throws all this out there whether or not it shall be read. But then it occured to me, that's not why I was doing it, now was it? It was for my benefit, a place for me to feel like I was sharing something with someone. And it really didn't matter who for once... I mean knowing for a fact that someone read it and it made them think enough to comment is also a nice gesture but other than that it's kind of comforting to just make the assumption that someone out there whether they know you or not has a better understanding of how you feel about whatever the topic of the day may have been. The internet gives some pretty awesome group hugs like that.

However it's still a cold and desolate machine that I'm typing into and I'm resenting that more and more all the time. Not so much when I'm using it to contact people or even to blog. But I need a typewriter or word processor to write on. I can't take the computer type-ups all the time. Just can't do it. Frustrating to say the least.

It is high time for a cigarette and for anyone who pays attention... expect more frequent knowledge in the near future... I'm in a blogging phase. Stay tuned to see if we make it to the Season Two box set.


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