every once in awhile. I have a thought. And well... being the declared fruit rather than a girl, that I am... I find it only appropriate to blog a few of those thoughts under the alias of a semi-obscure piece of fruit that of course, has become one of my ever-growing collection of nicknames.


what I've been up to the long and the short of it

here's the basics. I'll be moving shortly. As the few people that may still read this are already aware I've been living with Rob since March. We're in the process of buying a house. That's all I feel the need to elaborate here.

Continueing on... besides my usual reclusiveness for awhile there I was also unavailable to communicate (I'd say it was a two week period). Anyone following Tyler's health by reading this blog know enough for me to say that he's got issues. Well he took quite a dip there for a week or so and scared the living crap out of me. I was back and forth to Somerset daily or every other day. I was one step short of hand feeding him and bottle serving him water (thank god it didn't come to that). Things have gone back to as normal as they will be until he gets to live with me full time again. But here's the update (WARNING: if you're disgusted by normal dog functions, skip the rest of this paragraph WARNING)... he's eating food normally again, he drinking water as he should be, he now has a fan in the garage to keep him cool during the day, recently we returned Puck to his company and he seemed delighted to have his buddy back (however I can't really say the same for Puck, I think she rather enjoyed being the top pet in the house for awhile), he's pooping solid poop most of the time, he still has his ear infection but I've got a renewed sense of purpose in calling or visiting a vet and consulting them about realistic options and what the chances are that it'll help or if once again we'll just be tossing money down the drain. The bottomline diagnosis about what exactly his problem was is a combination of things, my father retired in May, since then my parents have been home only for days at a time and then off and running to somewhere else, and Tyler other than someone stopping by in the morning and evening to let him out and give him food, water, and perhaps a pat on the head, had completely distroyed his puppy-like eagerness for life. For the most part, he was collecting dust. My parents are now home for awhile, and with them and Puck around he's being kept on his toes a bit more. It was also rediculously hot which we eventually realized that at his age, the heat may get to him worse than it did when he was younger. So in the end, turns out my daring mutt was just over-heated and bored, which probably makes him better off than 60% of America in the summer time. :-p But the whole situation did have me overly worked up and I had little urge to do much besides worry about him, and run to somerset to check on him. And had even less interest in communicating with anyone that wasn't my family (and that definition includes Rob).

Now planning for the future... as far as my reclusive-ness goes. I may be emerging sometime over the next few weeks to see some of the people I do miss seeing sometimes. Although I'll be really honest, most of the time I'm content to stay holed up in the house with Rob with the occasionaly conversation with Christian, or with a visiting Becca, or with a friend online. Other than that goes, my focuses will hopefully be dispursed among these things.
  • moving - with any luck we'll be able to start this sometime in the next few weeks.
  • job hunting - and of course when I find a job, working at that job will take up time as well
  • Tyler - and furthering my findings on what can be done about his health that is within my parents budget, and the budget they might allow me from a bond that has recently matured.
  • dog website project thingy - this project doesn't even have a name yet. But I would really like to get something started for dog owners in this area to communicate on. I'm not sure of too many details yet, this is a VERY recent idea. But what I do know is that the idea is to have something available for dog owning residents of Somerset, Cambria, and maybe Westmoreland counties to converge online. And trust me I am VERY VERY aware of how much I lack the skills to impliment some of my beginning ideas, so I'm going to decide what exactly I want to do... and make realistic goals about learning the skills it will take to implement these ideas. I have high hopes.
  • breeder invesigation - sometime in the semi-near future, there are plans in place for me to able to adopt a puppy (I'm shooting for next spring), but that's actually a relatively close deadline and looking into breeders, deciding what I want, and making sure I have everything I need for said puppy ready is a lot to do. Not to mention I'm very interested in getting some AKC obedience titles on whatever dog I end up getting, it's part of a plan to build some credentials for the dog training career I hope to have. Not to mention I think AKC obedience trials sound like fun. And of course, if I can find the means, there's always agility. All of this requires some travelling to nearby trials and finding out where there are kennel clubs and training groups in my area because whilst I know PLENTY about dog training, I know absolutely nothing about handler faults and such. So at best I need to find myself a mentor in the sport.
I think that pretty much covers it, but that I'm sure is going to end up being even busier than it sounds. Not to mention enjoying the hell out of life living with Rob and my dog at our new house. So spare time when it comes, will most likely be spent with the loves of my life soaking up all there is to enjoy about having a dream made into a reality.

With all that explaination at hand... I bid you all Ado, because at the moment I only took a short break from my research about the website project I mentioned. Side note: if anyone runs across an idea in their head for a good name idea for this site-to-be, let me know by way of e-mail or comments.

--- Keely


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