every once in awhile. I have a thought. And well... being the declared fruit rather than a girl, that I am... I find it only appropriate to blog a few of those thoughts under the alias of a semi-obscure piece of fruit that of course, has become one of my ever-growing collection of nicknames.


Somethings burning... oh that's just my hair.

I have no idea what i'm doing.

I'm now about 20 minutes into my second bleach kit of the evening.

I'm dying my hair blonde.

In order to dye it something else, which I shall keep secret from those who don't already know.

And I have no idea why I feel the need to make my hair this strange color.

It's something about myself I'll never understand.

But for a short moment in time, I understand all those ridiculous Everest climbers who say "because it's there".

Because I can.


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